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"Life is beautiful because we can travel!"
N.M. Prjevalskiy





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Hello, Avid for Adventure!
Have you ever asked yourself: why people travel? Why do they go to the MOUNTAINS? The answer is simple and clear for us Ц mountains Ц is the best place for the body and basically for the SOUL, and traveling is like a small life. The mountains give joy and trepidation which overfill everyone who can see primordial and undistorted greatness of nature.
And we want to share with you the joy Ц the sun, the sky, the wind and smells of our MOUNTAINS.
Kyrgyzstan Ц is a country of great mountains ranges. There are mountains over 7,000 meters high (Khan-Tengri, Pobeda and Lenin peaks), there are dozens of the mountains over 6.000 meters high and hundreds of other peaks. Kyrgyzstan is a country of glaciers and lakes, stormy rivers and alpine meadows, Tien-Shan spruces, alpine deserts and plentiful valleys, beautiful canyons. It is a country which contains five climatic zones: from desert zone to frigid zone.


It is a country of original culture, where nomadТs way of life closely interwoven with modernity. Today you can spend night in chic hotel and tomorrow you will find yourself in virgin place, where man has never set foot.


Mountain Project Ц is a company founded by guides, people who turned their hobby into profession.

Everything that we offer is tested by us: slopes with meters of УfluffyФ snow you will taste first, not first in this season, but first at all!


Alpine springs and lakes with the crystal clear water; during two weeks of hiking you will meet no one by the way; thermal healthy springs; shining mountains peaks, kumys, beshbarmakЕ ... 


We invite you in Travel! Curiously enough, it is traveling inside yourself. Because mountains, even if they are far way from your home, is the shortest way to yourself.

We are waiting for you! We are always glad to see you!

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